The Story of A

Welcome to the first in 'The Story of...' series helping kids identify and recognise letters and shapes and get a concept of how they're used. This is a new picture book series and here is the first story (The Story of A has been turned into a picture book that you can view in the 'Magical Library' now)

Look into your imagination and find…

The Story of...A

Today, A is on an Adventure.

A is looking for the Golden Apple.

A leaves the house in an Anorak.

A meets his friend Alice.

A and Alice have a clue. It says the Golden Apple is in the Art Gallery.

A sees lots of Amazing Pictures in the Art Gallery.

A likes the picture of the Astronauts. Alice likes the picture of the African Drums.

A and Alice find the Fruit Area.

A finds Green Apples, Red Apples and Pink Apples, but no Golden Apple.

A is Annoyed. Alice is Amazed.

A follows Alice.

A can't believe it. The Golden Apple.

A and Alice are in the Treasure Area.

A thinks the Golden Apple is Awesome.

A and Alice are given the treasure hunter Award.

A and Alice are proud. What a great Adventure.

I hope you have enjoyed the first story in the series. If you want to see the full story in Picture Book form and all the other amazing things at Tom's Storytime, please make sure to sign up for the a Magical Library Card now.

Kind Regards

Tom Story

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