Fuzz the Bee in...The Beehive Cup

Updated: Feb 14

Prince Fuzz in his magical land must learn an important lesson if he is going to be successful in the BeeHive Cup. Will Fuzz grow so he can do his best against the brilliant Bumble or will he continue to sulk. Find out in the latest picture book to enter the Magical Library now.

Look into your imagination and find...

Fuzz the Bee in the BeeHive Cup

Let's take a trip across the sea,

Above the ocean wild and free,

There is a place, a hidden land,

A secret island full of sand.

So come with me and soon you'll see,

My magic home, I'm Fuzz the Bee.

Fuzz, the Prince, sits with the King,

‘To lose is such a normal thing,

My dearest son, please don't give up,

One day you'll win the Bee Hive Cup.’

‘But it's too hard,’ Fuzz had a huff,

‘I cannot win, it's just too tough.

Bumble’s big and far too strong.

He throws the pollen ball too long.’

So Fuzz flew to the lake beyond,

And threw some stones across the pond,

'It's just so hard, I'll never win,

That's it. Right now, I'm giving in.'

Then from behind a Nectar Tree,

Came Flossy Fly and Fee the Flee,

‘Oh Fuzz.’ said Fee, ‘you can't just stop,

You've come so far to reach the top.

To win is not the Cup you see,

But to be the best that you can be,

Each time you try you start to grow,

So let's try again, but this time slow.'

Together working as a team,

They tried to build upon his dream,

And slowly, steady found his arm,

His throwing style worked such a charm.

The day had come, the Bee Hive Cup,

The big event, the pollen chuck,

With three throws each, the crowd they cried,

For Fuzz and Bumble’s throws were tied.

Next Fuzz's throw, his record chuck,

He had one hand upon the cup.

But next was Bumble, it's long, it's far,

You won't believe it, he's won the 'Star'.

Then Bumble turned and held Fuzz high,

‘Amazing Fuzz. I want to cry.

You beat your best, such skill, such grace,

You've won the hearts, not second place.'

Fuzz felt so happy, he kissed his crest,

He'd worked so hard to beat his best,

His friends came round, clapped in a ring.

They felt so proud, not least the King.

So if you're thinking of giving up,

Just think about what makes 'Your Cup'.

Now, only one can win you see...

So be the best that YOU can be (Bee - hehe)!

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Tom Story

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