Bookshelf Ben in...The Story Train

Welcome to the Magical Adventure of Bookshelf Ben and his friends as they take a trip on the Magical Story Train. Bookshelf Ben and the story train is the first book in the Bookshelf Ben series that has been published as a Picture Book you can find in Tom's Storytime's 'Magical Library' now. Let's go on an adventure...

Look into your imagination and find…

Bookshelf Ben in...the Story Train

Bookshelf Ben and his friends, set off from their home,

Jumping out from the shelf, they waved bye to Gill Gnome,

There was Holly and Molly, sweet twins with big grins,

Next came Brogen the cat, who jumped out from the bins,

Then Brolly the dog, floppy ears to the floor,

And with a whizz and a pop, they were out through the door, for…

A Train Adventure...

On a summery day, all the flowers in bloom,

The train, steam pipe blowing, came in whistling its tune,

'All aboard,' called conductor, 'the story train's here,

Adventure and magic, and laughter is near.'

Bookshelf Ben went on first, to the carriage marked, 'Space',

And soon the train's whistle, gave start to the race,

On a rocket they launched, it was destined for Mars,

And a space race they had, on Bouncing Bug cars,

Then a Martian came pointing, 'you've proven your worth.'

It came back on the rocket, softly landing on Earth.

At the next stop, aboard, a carriage marked 'Woods',

Where creatures came running, with their fun little hoods,

Off they rushed to a bush, but inside, magic land,

Full of Unicorns and Dragons, and crabs bathing on sand,

And they dived into water, made of chocolate, with sweets on top,

But the moon gate pulled open, as the train came to a stop,

Next carriage named 'Mystery', with a map in their pack,

It was London, 18th century, and a mystery set to crack,

And a duck dressed all smartly, acted strangely and bizarre,

So they tracked it to a warehouse, that was really really far,

But the duck was disguised, it was really a swan,

And as soon as they found it, with three quacks, it was gone.

The fourth carriage was an ocean, and dressed in snorkelling gear,

They dived down to the bottom, wow an emerald so clear,

A sunken ship was its holding, but the fish weren't too kind,

Bubbles blowing, one shouted, 'my fish food, go find!'

So they searched all compartments, then sail out to hem,

And they found it in a pouch, and exchanged it for the Gem.

In the fifth was an island, they were the only one's there,

As the sun poured its rays, from the trees, out, came a Hare,

'Imagination is this story, and you all have your say,'

Bookshelf Ben thought of adventure, while Brolly swam in the bay,

The twins Molly and Holly, started flying through the air,

And Brogen sat gleaming, in her brand new luscious hair.

As the final carriage opened, was the last one on the ride,

It was set full of characters, and every one went to hide,

So they searched their favourites books, to find where they'd gone,

What fun laughing, what fun playing, and it ended with a song,

As the story train ended, they sat and smiled with glee,

What a fun trip they'd had, and just in time for tea.

As the train pulled into station, and the moon fought for the sky,

The Bookshelf five bounced off, and each one gave out a sigh,

Bookshelf Ben came out last, then he chuckled to the moon,

'Don't be sad my special friends, we've got more adventures soon.'

And the trees swayed in the wind, and the stars twinkled like the sun,

Join the Bookshelf five next time, for more amazing fun.

I hope you enjoyed Bookshelf Ben. If you did, make sure you sign up for your 'Magical Library Card' so you can read it time and time again with all its magical secrets hidden beneath its pages.

Kind Regards

Tom Story

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