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About Tom

To go beyond imagination...

Tom Story is a teacher, author and father to two of the most wonderful sprogs imaginable.

Tom was brought up in Cornwall, UK and currently resides in Hampshire where he spends his days exploring and finding inspiration in the strange but wonderful world around him.

Tom began writing after making up numerous stories to tell his kids during car journeys and being inspired by Julia Donaldson's books, which he fell in love with while reading and bonding with his young children at the time.

2 Truths and a Lie (answer at bottom):

- Tom once swam with sharks in the open ocean while a large Manta Ray, bigger than him, swam in the depths below.

- Tom's favourite movie genre is horror.

- At 17, on a romantic date sitting by the rock-pools off the Cornish waters, holding hands, a dolphin jumped straight out the water in front of Tom and his date.

It's the genre one - My favourite genre is fantasy/sci-fi

although horror does come close